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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I felt this was a good way to keep you in touch with the happenings in my daily life. I'm super busy right now, focusing on my school's (Loyola Academy) basketball season. We are doing pretty good right now with a 4-1 record. We play Marist on Sunday and I look forward to a good competitive game. School is going well and I'm starting to study extra for mid term finals coming up.

A week ago it was Thanksgiving and my eldest sister's (Cecily) 21st birthday. My parents hosted Thanksgiving and had a nice party for my sister. I love my sisters. They are my best friends. I miss Cecily when she is away at school (Illinois State). Rosie (on the right) goes to DePaul which is about 4 miles from our house. She commutes to school, so I still get to see her most days.

I'm excited to say, I just got contacts this week! I've been struggling with putting them in and out, but its worth it to be able to see more clearly on the court. I had a very low prescription (still is pretty low) and only wore glasses while driving or in the classroom, but my vision started to recently get more blurry while on the court. It was finally to the point that the ophthalmologist approved contacts! I've been putting them in a few hours a day to be prepared for games this weekend. Saturday @Sandburg/ 2pm and Sunday @Loyola/ 5pm. Hopefully I'll "See" you there :)

Till next time...

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