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Game #1 Loyola vs. Harlan
Season opener for the Loyola Ramblers.
Win 56-43
Julia's Game Stats: 16 pts/11 RB/8 assists/2 steals
Game #2 Loyola vs. Phillips
Win 47-31
Julia's Game Stats: 10 pts/13 RB/7 assists/8 steals

Game #3 Loyola vs. Bogan

First loss of the season.

Loss 48-54

Julia's Game Stats: 12pts/ 8 RB/ 4 assists/ 3 steals

Game #4 Loyola vs. New Trier
New Trier is a big rival school and this was our first win against this school in 9 years!!
Win 47-38
Julia's Game Stats: 14pts/ 5 RB/ 6 assists /5 steals
Game #5 Loyola vs. Marian Catholic
Coach Schonecker was able to get all 17 players in to play this game.
Win 52-25
Julia's Game Stats: 10pts/ 6 RB/ 4 assists/ 5 steals/1 block

Game #6 Loyola vs. Sandburg H.S.
Win 47-37
Julia's Game Stats: 11pts/ 12 RB/ 7 assists/ 6 steals/1 block

Game #7 Loyola vs. Marist H.S.
Tough second loss at home.
Loss 29-43
Julia's Game Stats: 0pts/ 9 RB/ 6 assist/ 4 steals

Game #8 Loyola vs. St. Ignatius
Loyola keeps the "Jesuit Cup" in Wilmette.
Win 38-27
First Conference game. 1-0 GCAC Red
Julia's Game Stats: 9pts/ 8 RB/ 5 assist/ 5 steals

Game #9 Loyola vs. Trinity
Loss 30-43
Second Conference game. 1-1 GCAC Red
Julia's Game Stats: 2pts/ 7 RB/ 4 assist/ 5 steals

Game #10 Loyola vs. Fenwick
Win 44-35
Third Conference Game. 2-1 GCAC Red
Julia's top scoring game of the season.
Julia's Game Stats: 23pts/ 7 RB/ 4 assist/ 3 steals / 1 block

Game #11 Loyola vs. Taft
Win 66-36
Coach Schonecker was able to get all 17 players into this game.
Julia's Game Stats: 12pts/ 4 RB/ 9 assist/ 3 steals

Game #12 Loyola vs. Niles West
Win 66-47
Great game played by the whole team!
First Triple Double!
Julia's Game Stats: 14pts/ 11 RB/10 assist/ 7 steals / 2 blocks

Game #13 Loyola vs. Xavier Prep (AZ)
Loss 49-51 in double overtime /sudden death scenario
(0-1 Red Mountain Holiday Classic)
Nail biter game against the #3 ranked team in Arizona.
Julia was team and game high scorer.
Her free throw percentage was very high!
Julia's Game Stats: 19 pts/ 10 RB/ 8 assist/ 6 steals 

Game #14 Loyola vs. Sierra Linda (AZ)
Loss 34-48 versus #5 ranked team in Arizona
(0-2 Red Mountain Holiday Classic)
Julia's Game Stats:  4 pts/ 6 RB/ 5 assists/ 5 steals

Game #15 Loyola vs. Desert Ridge (AZ)
Win 58-26
(1-2 Red Mountain Holiday Classic)
All of the 17 girls on the team were able to get minutes.
Julia's Game Stats: 16 pts/  7 RB/ 7 assists/ 9 steals/ 2 blocks

Game #16 Loyola vs. Skyline (AZ)
Win 68-23
(2-2 Red Mountain Holiday Classic)
The entire 17 girls on the team were able to get big minutes.
After this last game of the Red Mountain Tournament , Julia was recognized and chosen as "All Tournament".
Julia's Game Stats: 12 pts/ 3RB/ 7 assists/ 4 steals

Game #17 Loyola vs. Mather H.S.
Win 70-7
Mather H.S. was short handed so game wasn't close.
Lots of playing time for the reserves tonight.
Julia's Game Stats: 9 pts/ 3RB/ 9 assists/ 6 steals

Game #18 Loyola vs. Evanston Township
Win 45-41
Great Win against the #7th ranked team in Illinois.
It was especially thrilling since we lost to them last year in overtime after a half court shot was banked in by Evanston at the 2 second mark to take us to OT.
Julia's Game Stats: 16 pts/ 5 RB/ 6 assists/ 8 steals

Game #19 Loyola vs. Batavia High School
Win 46-26
Non Conference game held at the Chicagoland Showcase held at Fremd High School.
Julia's Game Stats: 3 pts/ 5 RB/ 10 assists/ 4 steals

Game #20 Loyola vs. Montini High School
Loss 48-40
GCAC Red Conference game against #1 ranked school in state of Illinois. Great game where the Ramblers were only defeated by 8pts. (2-2 GCAC)
Julia's Game Stats: 8 pts/ 17 RB/ 6 assists/ 2 steals

Game #21 Loyola vs. Hillcrest High
Win 49-37
29th  subway classic.
Julia's Game Stats: 15pts/ 8 RB/ 8 assists/3 steals/2 blocks

Game #22 Loyola vs. Niles North High
Win 52-32
DNP  (soreness) and Coach Schoenecker was able to get the full bench some good minutes.

Game #23 Loyola vs. Mother McAuley
Loss 30-34
GCAC Red Conference game. (2-3 GCAC)
Tough loss after a close game from start to finish. 
Julia's Game Stats: 2 pts/ 10 RB/ 8 assists/ 3 steals

Game #24 Loyola vs. Main South
Loss 35-47 
Senior Night. All Senior starters.
Julia's Game Stats: 4 pts/ 2 RB/ 6 assists/ 6 steals

Game #25 Loyola vs. Bishop McNamera
Win 62-25
GCAC Conference playoff game
Julia had limited minutes. Reserves received a lot of playtime. 
Julia's Game Stats: 5 pts/ 8 RB/ 5 assists/ 4 steals

Game #26 Loyola vs. Fenwick
Win 57-49
GCAC Conference playoff game
Julia was injured at the beginning of the 4th quarter with a high ankle sprain. Did not return to the game. 
Julia's Game Stats: 19 pts/ 12 RB/ 8 assists/ 4 steals/ 2 blocks

Game #27 Loyola vs. Montini
Loss 56-48
GCAC Conference playoff game
DNP due to ankle sprain.

Game #28 Loyola vs. Mother McAuley
Loss 37-41
GCAC Conference Championship game
DNP due to ankle sprain.
After this game, GCAC Recognized Julia as being selected for the GCAC "All Conference Team".

Game #29 Loyola vs. Kalamazoo Central (MI)
Win 48-40
Lady Mustangs Shoot Out
Julia's Ankle is healed and she was able to play today.
Julia's Game Stats: 9 pts/ 14 RB/ 9 assists/ 2 steals

Game #30 Loyola vs. Leyden Township
Win 60-29
Regional Semi Finals
Loyola got a lead early on. Reserves were able to handle the second half of the game with ease. 15 girls saw the court.
Julia's Game Stats: 9 pts/ 8 RB/ 4 assists/ 6 steals

Game #31
Loyola vs. Trinity High School
Win 55-51
Loyola wins Regionals!
Julia's Game Stats:
 12 pts/ 11 RB/ 10 assists/4 steals/ 1 block

Game #32 Loyola vs. Evanston Township
Loss 45-56
Semi Sectionals. Hard fought game where Loyola had to play "catch up", all the way through. In the end, we couldn't make up the score deficit.
Julia's Game Stats: 10 pts/ 10 RB/ 7 assists/ 3 steals

2016-2017 Season

Stat Corner
[Average based on games Julia played (29) during the 2016/17 Loyola Basketball Season]
Points: 10.5
Rebounds: 8.3
Assists: 6.8
Steals: 4.7


Rambler's Season Record
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